Dear reader,

Our story began when we were hoping to find a MUGEN having all KOF characters from the KOF game series, but to our surprise, sadly there isn't one so far.

Hence there came an idea on making our own MUGEN featuring all KOF characters ranging from KOF '94 til KOF XIII. There has been many argument from the public regarding our game. Mostly was because of the usage of term 'full game'.

To clarify the point, we say it is a full game because it is fully playable, there are playable characters, stages, sprites, and cut-scenes in the game. Most people define full game as a game which must be made by oneself, meaning all characters, stages, sprites, and moves must be from the original maker and not from others. We disagree with that. Full game does not need to be done that way, as long as the game has all the basic elements and the original makers have been credited somewhere in the game itself, that can be considered a full game. A compilation, some might argue is more suitable. But we did not copy and paste any random screenpack for our game, we actually modified one. Feel free to compare ours with any screenpack available.

Hence, we conclude that this is not a compilation, but rather a full game with credits to SNK Playmore and original character and stage makers not forgetting credits to elecbyte for their game engine.

We make this MUGEN so that all KOF fans from around the world can experience using different versions of a KOF character and go up against an opponent. That is the reason we included fan-made and God characters and also the reason there is a great number of characters in our game roster. In other words, we want the variety to keep players occupied so that they have more playtime rather than just wanting to win a game and play another. We have gathered inputs and opinions, hence we decided to make another spin-off title with only 100 characters in the near future for those whom prefer smaller character rosters.

For those whom have read the above, that is our mission.
And for those whom still disagree and are still unsatisfied with our clarifications and mission, please leave this site in peace. We do not wish for you to have your mood spoil merely by an argument which leads to nowhere. There are other games out there that might be of your interest.


Xandamator (creator)