Game Reviews

The feedback we get from players whom actually played the game.

Reviews for KOF Ultimate Mugen and Gold Edition :
  • One of the best KOF compilations ever !!
  • Character roster is HUGE, but at least there is variety of characters :p
  • I wanted a full game, but I was amazed how this compilation turned out, worth a shot guys !
  • Simple yet addictive, enough said.
  • Can't wait for the Lite and Legacy versions, keep up the good work =)
  • The 3vs3 and 4vs4 modes are INSANE ! ! !
  • I am a KOF fan and this game make does what it says, all KOF fans should give this a shot ;)
  • Controls are easy, but difficulty can be quite a challenge even for some characters.
  • I HATE compilations, but this is something different from my expectation, a good mix of variety ain't so bad after all.
  • SNK should pay you for helping them advertise KOF~ LOL
  • Sadly there is no storyline involved =(
  • God characters are one of my favorite to use but it kills the fun sometimes.
  • Needs more special effects and cut-scenes to give a more in-depth play, but for those whom like simplicity this is a good one =3
  • Not bad, but it could have been better, awaiting the newer releases.
  • I give this an 9/10 for a compilation but a 6/10 if it is considered a full release.

Reviews for KOF Ultimate Lite Mugen :
  • Characters are quite balanced.
  • Better than the first game in terms of presentation and gameplay.
  • Good effort in mini storyline, thumbs up ! !
  • Something similar to KOF 2002 UM, just that it has more characters :D
  • I love the stages, all KOF stages in one game =)
  • Worth the filesize and the playtime ;)